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Divorce and Legal Separation

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Divorce in Washington State has many facets and is influenced by many factors-money, emotion, and social factors, to name but a few. The laws governing divorce are complex and, therefore, often very confusing.

Ending a marriage is almost always a very upsetting time in a person’s or a family’s life. It involves many uncertainties and emotions that will require the caring attention of a legal expert. When divorce or separation is unavoidable, or in your best interest, Berner Law Group, PLLC can help. Our specialized divorce lawyers can guide you in protecting your rights as a spouse, partner or parent.

Various procedures may be used to end a marriage that breaks down, including divorce, legal separation and, much less frequently, annulment. A couple may decide to live apart while trying to save a marriage or to adhere to religious beliefs. There is no requirement to have a legal separation as an interim step prior to divorce.

If a marriage is “irretrievably broken,” one or both parties may seek divorce. The Court will legally terminate the marriage and make provisions for minor children, family support, and division of property and liabilities. Washington State follows a no-fault system intended to remove some of the bitterness often related to divorce actions.