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Mediators/Arbitrators in Everett, WA (Snohomish County)

Mediation is about resolving conflict between two parties in the most expedient and cost-effective manner possible. Commonly taking place during divorce actions, mediation is undertaken by participants wishing to avoid more expensive and time-consuming litigation (though mediation is actually required in Snohomish and King Counties before parties are able to proceed to trial). By relying on the experience of a skilled neutral mediator, the two parties work to find a resolution to their conflict, rather than having a solution imposed on them such as in arbitration or trial. The mediator assists in facilitating a resolution in a forum permitting maximum client input in structuring the outcome. Many people also appreciate the privacy that comes from working out their differences behind closed doors, instead of in an open courtroom. Though the mediator is not a judge, once a written settlement agreement is reached it is binding on both parties and fully enforceable in Court.

Arbitration is another form of alternative dispute resolution wherein a neutral third party called an arbitrator is selected/hired by the parties (or appointed by the Court in the event of “mandatory arbitration”) to conduct a case outside of Court and actually render a decision/ruling/judgment which is binding on the parties.

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