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Non-Parental Custody/Step-Parent Adoption/Guardianships

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Non-Parental Custody/Step-Parent Adoption/Guardianship Attorneys/Lawyers in Everett, WA (Snohomish County)

The Court can award custody of a child to a non-biological parent (i.e., Non-Parental Custody) if and only if the biological parents are deemed unfit. Typical non-parental custodians are close friends or relatives (e.g., grandparents) who step in to fill what they see as a parental void. Non-parental custody cases often commence as a result of CPS actions, parental drug use, or domestic violence.

Adoption cases involve a change in legal status for the person being adopted as well as the person becoming an adoptive parent. Adoption also changes the legal status for the person(s) releasing their legal relationship. These legal changes can greatly impact each person and should be handled with the utmost care and precision. Because adoption does change the legal relationship for many people, the choice of attorneys for your adoption needs is an important one so that you are confident everything is handled smoothly and professionally while meeting your needs.

Guardianship refers to the management of the affairs of a person who has been adjudicated unable to manage his/her own affairs. It is a legal relationship between a competent adult and a person who is 18 or older, and who has a disability which causes incapacity. A guardian (i.e., the person or entity appointed by the Court) assumes the rights of the incapacitated person to make decisions about many aspects of daily life making decisions in his or her best interest. The guardian’s actions are reviewable by the Court.

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