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Revised Code of Washington

RCW 10.05 Deferred Prosecution

Chapter 26.09 RCW

Complete Chapter | RCW Dispositions

RCW Sections


Policy — Intent — Findings.


Mandatory use of approved forms.

Civil practice to govern — Designation of proceedings — Decrees.

Interpretive services – Literary assistance – Guardian ad litem charges – Telephone or interactive videoconference participation – Residental time in cases involving domestic violence or child abuse – Disclosure of information – Supervised visitation and safe exchange centers.

Mediation proceedings.

Mediation in cases involving domestic violence or child abuse.

Petition — Dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership, legal separation, or for a declaration concerning validity of marriage or domestic partnership — Contents — Parties — Certificate.

Petition for dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership — Court proceedings, findings — Transfer to family court — Legal separation in lieu of dissolution.

Petition to have marriage or domestic partnership declared invalid or judicial determination of validity — Procedure — Findings — Grounds — Legitimacy of children.

Decrees — Contents — Restraining orders — Enforcement — Notice of termination or modification of restraining order.

Temporary maintenance or child support — Temporary restraining order — Preliminary injunction — Domestic violence or antiharassment protection order — Notice of termination or modification of restraining order — Support debts, notice.

Separation contracts.

Disposition of property and liabilities — Factors.

Maintenance orders for either spouse or either domestic partner — Factors.

Child support — Apportionment of expense — Periodic adjustments or modifications.

Child support — Medical support — Conditions.

Minor or dependent child — Court appointed attorney to represent — Payment of costs, fees, and disbursements.

Support or maintenance payments — To whom paid.

Order or decree for child support — Compliance with RCW 26.23.050.

Mandatory assignment of public retirement benefits — Remedies exclusive.

Payment of costs, attorneys’ fees, etc.

Decree of dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership, legal separation, or declaration of invalidity — Finality — Appeal — Conversion of decree of legal separation to decree of dissolution — Name of party.

Failure to comply with decree or temporary injunction — Obligation to make support or maintenance payments or permit contact with children not suspended — Penalties.

Court orders — Required language.

Modification of decree for maintenance or support, property disposition — Termination of maintenance obligation and child support — Grounds.

Modification of order of child support.

Procedure for determining permanent parenting plan.

Permanent parenting plan — Determination of relevant information.

Permanent parenting plan.

Criteria for establishing permanent parenting plan.

Restrictions in temporary or permanent parenting plans.

Proposed temporary parenting plan — Temporary order — Amendment — Vacation of order.

Issuance of temporary parenting plan — Criteria.

Parenting plans — Interview with child by court — Advice of professional personnel.

Parenting arrangements — Investigation and report–Appointment of guardian ad litem.

Access to child’s education and health care records.

Residential time summary report.

Visitation rights — Person other than parent — Grandparents’ visitation rights.

Remedies when a child is taken, enticed, or concealed.

Modification of parenting plan or custody decree.

Child custody — Temporary custody order, temporary parenting plan, or modification of custody decree — Affidavits required.

Parenting plan or child support modification or enforcement — Venue.

Designation of custody for the purpose of other state and federal statutes.

Final decree of dissolution nunc pro tunc.

Restraining orders — Notice — Refusal to comply — Arrest — Penalty — Defense — Peace officers, immunity.

Provision of health care to minor — Immunity of health care provider.




Grant of authority.

Notice requirement.

Notice — Contents and delivery.

Notice — Relocation within the same school district.

Limitation of notices.

Failure to give notice.

Objection to relocation or proposed revised residential schedule.

Required provision in residential orders.

Failure to object.

Temporary orders.

Basis for determination.

Factor not to be considered.

Objections by nonparents.


Priority for hearing.

Construction — Pending divorce actions.

Conversion of pending action to dissolution proceeding.

RCW 26.09.900 and 26.09.901 deemed in effect on July 16, 1973.

Construction — Pending actions as of January 1, 1988.

Decrees entered into prior to January 1, 1988.

Short title — 1987 c 460.

Section captions — 1987 c 460.

Effective date — 1987 c 460.

Severability — 1987 c 460.

Severability — 1989 c 375.

Construction — Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships — 2009 c 521.

Chapter 26.26 RCW

Complete Chapter | RCW Dispositions

RCW Sections


Scope of act — Choice of law — Surrogate parentage contracts.

Courts of this state — Authority.

Protection of participants.

Determination of parentage.

Mandatory use of approved forms.

Establishment of parent-child relationship.

No discrimination based on marital or domestic partnership status.

Consequences of establishment of parentage.

Presumption of parentage in context of marriage or domestic partnership.

Judgment or order determining parent and child relationship — Support judgment and orders — Residential provisions — Custody — Restraining orders — Notice of modification or termination of restraining order.

Support orders — Compliance with RCW 26.23.050.

Support orders — Time limit, exception.

Restraining order — Knowing violation — Penalty — Law enforcement immunity.


Proof of certain support and paternity establishment costs.

Enforcement of judgments or orders.

Modification of judgment or order — Continuing jurisdiction.

Health insurance coverage.

Relinquishment of child for adoption — Notice to other parent.

Surrogate parenting — Definitions.

Surrogate parenting — Persons excluded from contracting.

Surrogate parenting — Compensation prohibited.

Surrogate parenting — Contract for compensation void.

Surrogate parenting — Provisions violated — Penalty.

Surrogate parenting — Custody of child.

Parenting plan — Designation of parent for other state and federal purposes.

Acknowledgment of paternity.

Execution of acknowledgment of paternity.

Denial of paternity.

Rules for acknowledgment and denial of paternity.

Effect of acknowledgment or denial of paternity.

Filing fee for acknowledgment or denial of paternity.

Proceeding for rescission of acknowledgment or denial of paternity.

Challenge after expiration of time for rescission of acknowledgment or denial of paternity.

Procedure for rescission or challenge of acknowledgment or denial of paternity.

Ratification barred of unchallenged acknowledgment of paternity.

Full faith and credit.

Forms for acknowledgment and denial of paternity.

Release of information.

Adoption of rules.

Acknowledgment of paternity — Application of RCW 26.26.300 through 26.26.375–Adjudication.

Judicial proceedings.

Genetic testing — Application of RCW 26.26.405 through 26.26.450.

Order for genetic testing.

Requirements for genetic testing.

Report of genetic testing.

Genetic testing results — Rebuttal.

Costs of genetic testing.

Additional genetic testing.

Genetic testing when specimen not available.

Genetic testing — Deceased individual.

Genetic testing — Identical brothers.

Confidentiality of genetic testing — Penalty.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage authorized.

Standing to maintain proceeding to adjudicate parentage.

Parties to proceeding to adjudicate parentage.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Personal jurisdiction.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Venue.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage–No time limitation: Child having no presumed or adjudicated second parent and no acknowledged father.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Time limitation: Child having presumed parent.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Authority to deny genetic testing.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Time limitation: Child having acknowledged father or adjudicated parent.

Joinder of proceedings.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Before birth.

Child as party — Representation.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Admissibility of results of genetic testing — Expenses.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Consequences of declining genetic testing.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Admission of paternity authorized.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Temporary order.

Rules for adjudication of parentage.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Jury prohibited.

Proceeding to adjudicate parentage — Hearings — Inspection of records.

Adjudication of paternity — Order on default.

Dismissal for want of prosecution.

Order adjudicating parentage.

Binding effect of determination of parentage.

Application of RCW 26.26.705 through 26.26.740.

Child of assisted reproduction — Parental status of donor.

Parentage of child of assisted reproduction.

Consent to assisted reproduction.

Child of assisted reproduction — Limitation on dispute of parentage.

Child of assisted reproduction — Effect of dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership.

Child of assisted reproduction — Parental status of deceased individual.

Child of assisted reproduction — Effect of agreement between egg donor and woman who gives birth.

Child of assisted reproduction — Issuance of birth certificate.

Identifying information — Requirement to provide — Disclosure.

Uniformity of application and construction — 2002 c 302.

Transitional provision.

Short title — 2002 c 302.

Severability — 2002 c 302.

Captions, article designations, and article headings not law.

Construction — Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships — 2009 c 521.

Restricting the Driving Privilege

Driver Improvement

Driving or Using License While Suspended or Revoked

Occupational, Temporary Restricted Licenses

Ignition Interlock Device

Commercial Driver’s License

Driving Under the Influence and Related Crimes

Forcible Entry & Forcible Unlawful Detainer

Boating Under the Influence

Washington Administrative Code

Department of Licensing Administrative Hearings

State Toxicologist Standards For Analysis Of Blood Samples For Alcohol

Administration Of Breath Alcohol Screening Test

Administration Of Breath Test Program