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Criminal Defense

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At some point the police officers must decide whether or not to place someone in custody. The apprehension increases immensely as the cuffs are placed upon your wrists. The law enforcement officers do not decide what criminal charges to file. They merely investigate and describe a version of the facts in a police report. Their report is forwarded to the prosecuting authority which decides whether or not to file criminal charges against you. That’s when you need an expert on criminal defense in Everett, WA.

Depending upon the severity of the crime determines whether or not you will be facing a misdemeanor charge or a felony charge or multiple charges. Both misdemeanors and felonies can result in time spent in jail and large fines. Some crimes require mandatory incarceration even if it is your first involvement with the criminal justice system. Other crimes will restrict your driving privilege and most certainly probation conditions will restrict your lifestyle. A Driving Under the Influence [DUI] can involve all of those mandatory restrictions and more. The consequences can be so great your employment, finances and personal relationships will suffer. With so much on the line, don’t trust your DUI defense to anyone but Berner Law Group, PLLC.

In order to mitigate the potential damages or avoid the criminal justice system you must seek out the advice of an experienced attorney. The attorneys of Berner Law Group, PLLC will provide an aggressive, zealous criminal defense. We will champion your legal rights and will represent you with confidence from years of criminal litigation experience.

Please contact Berner Law Group PLLC as soon as possible. Just because the police officers did not provide you with a date to appear in court does not mean criminal charges will not be filed against you in the coming months. To preserve your rights and to protect your freedom, contact Berner Law Group PLLC after any involvement with law enforcement.