What happens to a body during a car accident

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The human body is not made to take an enormous amount of punishment in a short amount of time. However, this is exactly what happens when someone is involved in an auto accident in Washington. What exactly occurs when a person’s body goes through such trauma? The following includes further information on how the body’s various parts react during and after an auto accident happens.

Head movement

No matter the severity of the accident, people often report to their personal injury attorney that they feel sore from their neck after an auto accident. The reason for this is because the head will continue to move at the same speed as the vehicle even after the car has stopped. Things that are supposed to keep vehicle occupants safe such as seat belts and airbags will often be the cause of their heads suddenly stopping, thus causing injury.

Limb injuries

Because your legs and arms are the least protected during an accident, you’re likely to receive a number of injuries to them. Scrapes, cuts and even fractures can occur when parts of your vehicle suffer damage.

Upper body injuries

Perhaps the most common injury to the body during an accident is an injury to the collarbone. This injury occurs because the seat belt runs across this area and thus places extreme stress on it. Other injuries to the upper body include broken or bruised ribs. Much like the head, internal organs will keep moving, bruising the ribs along the way. This sudden impact to the ribs can also lead to a collapsed lung.

As you can see from the information above, there are a number of injuries that a person can sustain during an auto accident. That is why it may be helpful to obtain the services of an attorney experienced in auto accidents in order to pursue the proper compensation.