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Domestic Violence And Anti-Harassment Lawyers In Everett, Washington (Snohomish County)

Domestic violence protection orders (DVPOs) address domestic violence between family members, spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends. The temporary order for protection is intended to stop violence from escalating or to prevent an assault. When an adult or child has been or is in imminent danger of being a victim of violence, the court will enter a temporary order for protection to protect that person. Such protection orders usually prohibit the named respondent (i.e., the domestic violence perpetrator) from making any contact with the named protected person(s) or from even coming within a specified distance of the protected person(s).

If you are living with the abuser, securing a temporary order for protection grants police the authority to remove the person from your home for a period of time. Such an order usually lasts until a hearing can be held, which typically takes about two weeks or longer in the event of continuances being requested and/or granted. Any perpetrator breaking the terms of such an order faces criminal arrest and prosecution. The terms of protection orders can be drafted to fit the circumstances of a particular case. For example, sometimes special provisions need to be incorporated in order to provide for visitation with the child(ren) and exchange of the child(ren).

Washington law makes anti-harassment protection orders available when someone assaults, stalks, causes physical harm or bodily injury, or threatens to cause such harm. Anti-harassment orders can also prohibit violations of privacy such as surveillance.

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